About Us

Ally -eXecutive HR Consulting Partner (OPC) private limited established in yr.2014 is entrepreneurial venture of  HR professionals with decade of experience in corporate recruitments and other areas of HR services. The team comes with expertise in areas of HR services in a real time corporate platform. 


The vision of Ally - eXecutive is to position itself as  complete business partner through enhancing  various customised HR model for our clients.

Working with few but the top notch clients in meeting their business objectives is the clear vision of Ally’s Team .

We understand the pain areas  hence  want to assure our clients  a service which is a little beyond a support  unlike other established market players. 

Ally eXecutive supports its clients in areas of Staffing & Training's across India, U.S & Canada geographies.

Having worked with established brands across the domestic vertical in India. Ally-eXecutive today is thoughtful & trusted name while identifying critical resources for your projects whether in India / U.S / Canada geographies.